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12 Delicious Beauty Hacks


No need for expensive treatments, lotions or potions here are 12 beauty hacks to DIY your way to a brilliant body – from top to toe…using all natural ingredients…


1 – You Have…dry Hands…sooth them with Coconut Milk…like its oil counterpart, coconut milk is highly moisturising.  Place it in the fridge so it solidifies, and then use a small portion to rub into your skin like a normal hand cream.


2 – You Want…super smooth skin…scrub up with Rhubarb…High in vitamins, rhubarb is said to improve skin elasticity, so use it over your arms and legs to firm and hydrate.  Chop up a rhubarb stalk and blend until smooth, add some sugar to create a grainy texture and massage it into your skin in the shower.


3 – You Have…dry tangled hair…fix it with Strawberries…There high vitamin C content nourishes brittle locks.  Mash two strawberries up with 1 tbsp of mayonnaise for a weekly hair mask treatment.  Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.


4 – You Long…for whiter teeth…add Baking Soda to your normal toothpaste…Its a brilliant stain and plaque remover.  Place a tiny amount on your brush before adding your toothpaste and brushing as normal.  Rinse with water as normal afterwards.


5 – You Suffer…with moth ulcers…pick a bunch of coriander…This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but gargling on coriander infused water is sad to bring some relief to the discomfort of mouth ulcers.  Steep the herb in hot water, allow to cool and remove before swishing out your mouth.


6 – You Want…a peel…make it at home with Papaya…commonly used in skincare products, papaya contains enzymes that naturally exfoliate skin.  Wait until its ripe before taking out the flesh and applying to dry skin.  Leave for 5 mins before rinsing it off.


7 – You Have…tired skin…freshen up with Rose Petals…Roses are said to help ease redness and inflammation.  Place a handful of petals in boiling water and wait for it to cool.  Squeeze excess water out of the petals and pour into a spray bottle.  It will keep fresh for a few days.


8 – You Want…to reduce the appearance of scars…pick some Cherries…it will take more than a beauty product to eradicate scarring, but the antioxidants in cherries help to reduce inflammation around the scarring area. Puree six cherries – removing the stones before – and add 1 tsp turmeric and 1 tbsp honey.  Apply to the scared area and leave for 5 mins and then rinse off.


9 – You Have…blackheads…clear them with Green Tea…when used on skin green tea can help to decrease the oil production stopping your pores getting too clogged up.  Use loose leaf green tea or take the leaves out of a tea bag, mix with 1 tsp water and massage on to your skin for three minutes.  Rinse well.


10 – You Have…stubborn dry skin…exfoliate with Orange…This citrus fruit has acidic properties that work on flaky skin.  Cut the orange in half and rub the open side onto your skin before showering.


11 – You Want…glossy, brunette hair…use Coffee…Grounds or granules, if your brown hair looks like its fading this will help boost your colour.  Mix 2 tbsp with your favourite hair mask and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


12 – You Want…sun kissed blonde highlights…use a Lemon…For lighter shades of hair add some natural sun kissed highlights by squeezing some lemon juice into your hair when the sun is shining.  Simply juice half a lemon then after washing your hair massage thed lemon juice into your harf and allow it to dry naturally in the sun