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Handbags and Gladrags

The right bag can make or break the overall look you're going for. Do you match your bag with your shoes?  Or do you contrast your bag with your outfit?  Or do you just go for practically over style – lets face it when you need to carry everything but the

Timeless time pieces

Has having the time displayed on our phones made the humble watch disappear from our wish list? No the sale of watches is still going strong - in fact a watch is not only a fashion statement but invest in a good watch and we're told it won't lose its value! Here's

Stepping out in Style

A girl...or boy (we aren't sexist here at IMHE..) can never have too many pairs of shoes....well unless you have no room to store them and of course we don't condone you going into debt to purchase we'll rephrase that - a girl or boy can never have too

A collection of Stunning Clutch Purses

Here at IMHE we love to window shop - and we were smitten with some of the latest purses around.....whether it's smart or casual, a day at the races or hanging with friends some of these eye-catching designs will have you wanting more... Here's a few of our favorite black coin

Cheerful and Playful Jewellery

We would all love to be bought a diamond ring or have enough money for a pair of diamond earring's - but let's face it even if we could afford it we would only wear them on special occasions. This collection of everyday cheerful and playful jewellery will match most casual