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Celebs – Any excuse for a party!



Celebs have kick started the trend for celebrating every little milestone in their and their families lives – and don’t we just love to hear about it!!

Here are a few of the less conventional parties that we too are now celebrating thanks to our favourite A-Z listers….


Happy ( HALF ) Birthday

The celebration of the half – birthday….marking the six month point after or indeed before your actual date of birth.

For new the born baby – fair enough – I mean your celebrating every week – their first Friday..their first night feed at home..their first outing..their first smile..their first poo!!!

After the initial 6 month old baby celebration it might seem a little indulgent to many to celebrate the half birthday but others say it makes perfect sense, especially if your child’s birthday falls in the summer holidays or over the festive period when its difficult to plan a party.

But what of an adult celebrating the half birthday – we think its just an excuse for another party!

Happy half birthday



Gender Reveal

An acceptable way to to tell friends and family that you are expecting a baby used to be by just showing them a grainy 12 week scan photo….then there was social media and you had to share your exciting news with ALL your social media friends, so that meant scanning in and sharing your 12 week baby scan….

But now more and more people are throwing lavish ‘Gender Reveal’ parties, where the sex of the baby is revealed by coloured balloons, cake even dying your pet pooch Pink for a girl orf blue for a boy!

England Football team Goal Keeper – Jordan Pickford and his fiancee at the time Megan Davison invited guests to a luxury spa hotel in Carrville, Durham, where they announced they were having a baby boy.  No expense was spared and the venue had balloon sculptures a three tier cake a sweet stand and flower wall.  Jordan said “It was the best day of my life so far”


Period Party

Some parents are now celebrating their daughters transition into womanhood by having a party – yes a party!

Showering their daughters with gifts such asx books, sanitary pads and other hygiene products.

Family and friends gather round and celebrate the first menstrual cycle of the new ‘woman’ by eating cake and explaining there is nothing to be scared of – in fact it should be a celebration!


Celebrating Divorce

Instead of commiserating increasing numbers of people are choosing to celebrate the end of their marriage, and the number of woman throwing divorce parties is at an all time high.

Party planner Christine Gallagher said “Divorce is devastating for some, so we need an event to mark this huge life changing event.  All the other significant events in life have ceremonies or rituals.  A party can mark the end of something or the beginning of the rest of your life”


Bridesmaid Proposals

UK Reality TV Star Kate Write started her wedding celebrations early by “proposing” to her nine bridesmaids.

Kate – who is set to marry ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand – hosted a glamorous event and hired a private venue that featured a flower wall and a table that certainly wouldn’t have been out of place at an actual wedding!

Kate then gave her ‘girls’ a bouquet of flowers and a personal poem each and asked them to be her bridesmaids.