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Fashion – should we care?

It’s an interesting topic – we’ve all heard the terms ‘Fashion trend’ or ‘On Trend’ or ‘Fashion Faux pas’ or ‘Fashion Police’…..

But does it matter if we get it wrong or right – who’s judging us?

Well it seems every time we pick up a magazine there are Fashion Do’s and Fashion Don’ts – there are What’s hot What’s not…there is Who wore it best with pictures and pictures of celebs on the red carpet or just simply being snapped out with there friends but not wearing the latest trend and then getting judged for it on social media.

So who cares – is it an age thing? Is it an attitude thing….is it even a thing

Are the images we see in glossy magazines driving us into a frenzy of want to be fashionistas?

Well, I don’t have the answer – I think we all think differently on this one.

A quick poll in our office and there were many different thoughts and attitudes to this question.

Some people dress to impress some for comfort and others just don’t give it too much thought.

Whatever we think I think its safe to say there are no rules on this one – the jury is out!

Why not have a quick poll with your friends – you may be surprised by the answers.