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GPS Cycling Computers

You’ve got a bike in the garage but it hasn’t been used for a while, often you get bored of training on the same roads or you maybe you’re obsessed with stats and want to analyse your exercising in detail.

These gadgets allow you to revitalize your fitness regime with a GPS cycling computer.

With models available from around $50 to $500+ you are able to plan and track your training and even connect with your social media accounts.

As with most gadgets, the more you spend, the more features you will find.

Basic models will show you metrics including speed, distance travelled, and allow you to upload your rides to websites such as Strava.

The top of the range models include features such as colour mapping and connect to accessories including heart rate monitors or power meters allowing you to take advantage of the latest developments in sports science. You can maximise the time you have available to train in the most efficient way.

Alternatively, they can be just as useful for following a route around the countryside with the family

If you don’t want to spend too much it can be worth getting a basic model first then upgrading it in a few years time when you feel you’ve got the most out of the simple version.