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Is there a growing obsession with having a skincare routine?

There seems to be a trend with women now who are using as much as up to 10 products on their face as part of their daily routine. The question here is – is this a skin healthy regime or just an expensive new routine?

The US’s fourth-biggest website, Reddit, has recently become the home of a flourishing beauty community,  boasting nearly half a million subscribers and growing since its launch.

Are beauty communities such as Asian Beauty, MakeupAlley and Total Beauty to name but a few flourishing because of the millennial obsession with skincare.  Over the last few years, the skin care professional approved cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night that once seemed enough as your routine, is no longer adequate.  Some routines now advice you do up to 10 steps, with a trend for double cleansing: that’s washing your face twice, with separate products.

The skincare market grew 9% in 2017, compared with only 6% for makeup, according to the NPD group. And by 2020, it is expected that skincare will account for 26.8% of the beauty and personal care market.

So with more and more beauty community  websites springing up, more companies launching skincare products, more vloggers telling us how to ‘get the most out of our skin’ and the obsession with ‘glowing skin’ and ‘anti ageing’ still topping the polls its a win-win for the marketers and the sellers of skincare – but is it just burning a hole in the consumers pockets?

With growth figures up it certainly seems we are spending more on skincare and with more websites, comunities, and vloggers on the subject its seems its something we enjoy hearing about.