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Makeup Palettes – subtle shades for a softer look.

When I first started experimenting with makeup in my youth I had absolutely no idea how to apply it and the trials in my bedroom and at friends houses were less than successful as I’d bounce down the stairs eager to show off my new look to my family and even the cat got scared looking at me!

Those cheap and cheerful makeup palettes that you found in the bargain bins at the local store that had 100 pieces in for the price of a candy bar.  Eyeshadow palettes contained every colour of the rainbow and were radioactive and thinking back we plastered them all over our young delicate skin!

Nowadays eyeshadow palettes are everywhere – in every shade and every colour, and are the thing to have.   However, it’s the softer shades that are considered the go-to for most of us. And buying palettes are a great alternative to purchasing lots of different separate colours as singles.

Soft browns and muted pinks can really bring out the colour of your eyes and enhance your skin tone.  And let’s face it for daily use it’s much more accepted than the yellow and greens I used to wear.

I won’t offer any tips on how to use your makeup palettes as I’m still no makeup artist – but there are so many articles out there offering advice and vlog’s showing how to do a smokey eye or the ‘flick’ that its impossible now to get as wrong as we did back in the day!