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Network attached storage (NAS) – what is it?

What is a NAS – and do I really need one?  Will we use it?

Network attached storage (NAS) is essentially a hard drive which is attached to your home wifi network.  These gadgets allow you to store your data, play your favourite tunes or view photos on any smart device around the home.

Nowadays most TV’s have smart features meaning they can scan your home network for media files to play.

Basic NAS models begin at around $100 and feature a single hard drive.

Therefore its not going to break the bank for you and your family to access your music, video and photo collections from anywhere in the home, or away from home.

Top end models have 2 or more drives of several terabytes to ensure that all of your important files are backed up in the event of device failure.

Look out for models which are connected to the web which allow you to access content from your phone or laptop whenever you are online.