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OUT OF BOUNDS – 10 places around the world that are no-go area’s!

From former insane asylums to snake- infested islands and restricted holy places, visit some of these 10 places and you could either end up in prison or, even worse, DEAD….


Lascaux Caves, France

These lovely prehistoric cave paintings were once open to the public, but unfortunately back in 1963 they were sealed off in an attempt to rescue them from destruction.

YES..people actually used to draw and deface them!



Area 51, Nevada, USA

This one is no big secret.  Go anywhere near this place and you’ll be picked up by either the FBI, the CIA – or possibly some extraterrestrial visitors!

there are rumours the place harbours a real-life alien and many conspiracy theories are based around Area 51 and its UFO program



White’s Gentlemen’s Club, London, UK

Widely regarded as the worlds hardest club to get into!

35 existing members must approve your application before you can set foot through the door.

Prince Charles is one of its royal members.



Poveglia, Italy

The tiny island of Poveglia is wedged between Venice and Lido in Italy.

It was once the home to a mental institution which allegedly used to torture and perform experiments on their patients.

Locals are now so sure that its haunted that the local government has banned anyone from visiting and its now illegal to go to the island.



Surtsey, Iceland

This little volcanic island was created during the enormous oceanic volcanic eruptions during the 1960’s.

You aren’t allowed to set foot on it because scientists are studying it to try to understand how a brand new island becomes a habitat.



Ilha De Queimada Grande, Brazil 

While this island looks beautiful, this stretch of land hides a secret…

Ilha De Queimada Grande is nicknamed Snake Island on account of it being home to thousands of golden lancehead vipers – a very nasty and deadly snake that has managed to ward off humans to the re forf centuries.

The Brazilian government has outlawed all visitors to enter the island, except for the occasional crazy scientist who wants to study the place – at their own risk!



Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

This series of vaults is home to an emergency global supply of seeds just in case the apocalypse comes unexpectedly.

So, unless you’re a research scientist or have special permissions you aren’t permitted to go anywhere near it.



North Sentinel Island, The Andaman Islands

Everyone who has tried to touch base with the natives on this island has been killed.

Approach and you’ll be greeted with a volley of arrows.

Take the hint – they REALLY want to be left alone.



Chapel of the Tablet, Ethiopia

The Chapel of the Tablet supposedly holds the Ark of the Covenant – a chest containing the two stone tablets on which are written the Ten Commandments.

Only the Ark’s guardian is allowed to enter.




Niihau, Hawaii, USA

Hawaiian island hopping is a beloved pastime for travellers, butg if you think you’ve seem them all, think again.

The mysterious Niihau is nicknamed ‘The Forbidden Island’ – and that is not an exaggeration.  Even its visibility remains elusive as the only way to catch a glimpse of it is as the sun sets over Kauai’s Kekaha Beach, when ts silhouette emerge.

The island has been owned by the same single family for more than 150 years and has been kept off limits to the outside world.

The only people who can enjoy its splendor are its residents, all of whom are descendants of those who lived there before the island was purchased in 1860s.