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Take a break….on a Cruise

All aboard for a brilliant holiday on the water….The main appeal of is seeing several places on 1 holiday is certain the draw, but there is now so much more included from entertainment, shopping, fine dining restaurants, rock wall climbing and even a zip wire on one ship it’s no surprise that a cruize holiday is more popular than ever.  But not everything is going to suit everyone, so before you do your next holiday cruize research here’s our handy guide to help you out.

Best for :- Couples

If you’re looking for romance then nothing beats an all inclusive Mediterranean cruise.  Taking in the French Riviera where Hollywood A Listers holiday then heading to Italy to take in the romance of Florence, Naples and Rome with its ancient history.  Most Mediterranean cruise ships will have a luxury spa to pamper yourselves, a casino to live it up and a number of top restaurants.  Or after a day taking in the sights and sounds you can simply just take yourselves off back to your cabin together and wake up the next morning in another stunning place.


Best with :- A Group of Friends

For fans of live music there are many cruise’s offering theme weekends such as 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s or Country Music cruises.  These fairly intimate gigs ( compared to the big stadiums ) with your favourite bands also allows you to see the sites where it sails to, plus you haven’t got far to stagger back ‘home’ after the show. There are also party cruises where you can dance and be merry with your friends, fine dining and wine cruises where you’re treated to the best gastronomy onboard.  In Fact you name it there may be a cruise dedicated to it. The good thing about a planned cruise with friends is that all the entertainment and planning is done – you just need to turn up and enjoy yourselves, and no-one needs to clear up in the morning!


Best for :- Family Fun

It can be really hard to please the whole family on holiday, especially if the children are at that ‘funny age’ – but not on a cruise.  With children’s entertainment throughout the day and evening suitable for all ages from tots to teens you can be sure that there is something for everyone.  There are swimming pools, rock climbing walls, even a zip wire on 1 ship.  Plus entertainment that is suitable for all the family from big top circus acts, dance, singers and some of the best live shows on offer.  There are even dedication Disney and Warner Bros cruise ships.

Best for :-  Singles 

Cruising s perfect for solo travelers as there are lots of opportunities to meet other solo travelers or new people.  You can tailor each day to suit yourself and be as busy – or not – as you want as there is no set schedule – well apart the the places that the ship is calling at!  There are even dedicated solo traveler cruise’s or specific travel agencies that you can organised to go with as a larger group.