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The Best Travel Gadgets

Whether you are island hopping for 2 weeks, camping in a remote mountain range, or planning a round the world gap year you will want to be travelling as light as possible. This will mean deciding if you really need to take a gadget with you and whether it will be useful or just extra baggage. 


Twenty years ago, travelers needed a separate camera, music player, and mobile phone. Smartphones have rendered many of these items obsolete however they aren’t perfect and relying too much on your smartphone can leave you vulnerable to issues with no signal in remote areas or low battery. 


Here is a selection of must buys which will help you to have smooth running vacations. 



Hiking GPS – Garmin eTrex Touch 35. 

In remote areas you may well have no cell phone reception, or you could be visiting a country with expensive roaming charges or slow networks. In these situations, you won’t want to be relying on your cell phone. 


In the past people would have used maps, though still a perfectly good option if you are going to a specific area and have already bought a map, often this isn’t the case, and if it starts raining is too cumbersome a handheld hiking GPS will be the perfect solution. 


This model from Garmin comes preloaded with a range of maps and will help you find your way, or plan a route whether in a forest, or the centre of town, without taking a toll on your smartphone battery or running up large data roaming charges. 

Windows Tablet – Linx 1010 


In many cases a smartphone will be fine to access social media, upload photos, or quickly access documents on the move. 


If you need to work whilst away, with any significant amount of typing, or use applications not found on Android or Apple devices then you will be needing a Windows device. 

Often you won’t want to be taking your prized $2000 laptop everywhere you go, so a great solution is a Windows tablet. Offering a full operating system rather than watered down mobile apps you will be able to access the majority of your applications on a screen large enough to display information comfortably. 


This model from Linx is a very wallet friendly model too, so if the worst comes to the worst and you lose your bag, or drop it in the sea whilst travelling it won’t be the end of the world. 


It features a relatively large, 10 inch full HD screen, 4GB RAM, and enough processing power for most lightweight tasks with the Atom x5-Z8350 Quad-Core processor. 


Portable Charger – Anker Powercore 26800. 



For many trips, if you are going to be away from a power outlet for any longer than 24 hours you will find a portable charger essential for making sure your smartphone or any or your other gadgets are able to last. 


On a city break or in a luxury hotel you may well survive without this, but if camping, staying in remote areas with questionable power supplies or even on long train/ferry journeys you will need as much capacity as possible. 


This model from Anker should keep your phone going for close to a week and won’t weigh your bag down too much.