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The Best Travel Luggage. 

When on vacation it is essential that you choose luggage the correct size to be able to carry all of your belongings, whilst offering a level of practicality which won’t leave you frustrated. 

If you aren’t travelling for business, or aren’t just going to be moving straight from the plane to a taxi, and then to your hotel room, then you probably won’t want to be using suitcase.  

Outside of the airport and in the real world, most places you visit won’t have the luxury of super smooth tiled floors for those tiny suitcase wheels, this means that the majority of the time you will be battling to keep the suitcase balanced and upright, or having to carry it plus its heavy frame over sand, uneven pavements, or up flights of stairs. 

The most sensible choice is often therefore a backpack. For most trips, if you are taking more than you can comfortably carry on your back then you are most likely taking too much with you and should spend some time thinking through the items you are taking. 

The advantage of a backpack over shoulder bags and other sports bags is that they evenly distribute the weight across your body, therefore they are less likely to lead to back or shoulder pain. 

On shorter weekend trips where the weight will be lower, a holdall or shoulder bag becomes a more stylish alternative. 

You will want a backpack which is comfortable, offers some water resistance, durability and practicality. 


Here are three options to consider for your next trip. 


Weekend bag – Barbour Wax Cotton Travel Explorer Holdall. 

An understated look, simplicity and durability make this a great choice for weekends away, city-breaks, and even trips to the gym.  

This is a lightweight shoulder bag which is perfect for shorter trips where you don’t need to worry about even distribution of weight and just need a simple, classy looking bag. 


Quecha MH500 40 Litre Backpack. 


A great value backpack with plenty of room for trips 2-3 weeks plus. A great feature is the full length zip which allows you to reach items at the bottom of the bag without having to unpack everything first.  

This backpack is shower proof and has plenty of pockets to keep your clothes and gadgets handy. 



Osprey Radial 34 Backpack. 


This backpack is a cycle orientated bag which is great for everyday use or trips away, offering increased ventilation and breathability for your back. 


It has plenty of pockets for storage, a raincover, a padded laptop compartment, and even an integrated kickstand.