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Three ways to make your Clothes last longer..

Lets face it although most of us love to shop and especially buy new clothes times are hard and if we can save a bit of money by re thinking that decision to buy another cute shirt then it will not only help your money go further but its also going to help the environment.

1 – Make do and Mend

It may be a little time consuming but try to lay out all the clothes that you no longer wear any more and and work out why that is – ask yourself the following questions :-

  • Has a hem fallen down?
  • Is there a button missing?
  • Is an item stained?
  • Are there holes in the garment?
  • Has the colour faded?

Most of these can be resolved with a little time, creativity and loving care, get out the needle and thread and fix that fallen down hem, sew on a missing button, use some good stain remover on those stains – if its still stained can you used the material for something else? Like to patch up some holes in your other clothes to create some new funky wear.

Can the garment be salvaged by creating something else – create shorts out of trousers, short sleeve tops out of long sleeves.

Get creative – make a bag out of the material, hair bands – anything is possible….you may even find a new creative hobby!

Faded coloured clothes – buy a different colour dye – hey presto you now have that new purple shirt you wanted to buy!

2 – Switch it up

A recent survey by an environmentalist charity found that one in five of the persons they asked admitted to throwing away perfectly good clothes to make room in their wardrobes for the new clothes they had just bought! And worse still 12% of those persons asked said clothes ‘felt old’ after only been worn a handful of times.

You can solve both of these problems by rotating the garments you wear, put away a selection of items, then bring them back out next month or whenever you feel bored of the onres in your wardrobe. You’ll have more space in your wardrobe and feel like you have newer pieces.

3 – Find a good home for them

Let’s be honest here – not all of us are creative and can knock up a Prada masterpiece out of an old pair of jeans and a top that’s seen better days and the more fashion conscious kids on the block wouldn’t be seen dead wearing 5 years ago’s trends BUT….if you still don’t want those old threads any more they may still be of use.

You can of course take them to charity – if they are still in good condition and its just not your style anymore then someone else may be delighted to bring a whole new lease of life into them.

You could even sell your old clothes on specific sites and make some extra cash. Ready to buy more…

If your old clothes are simply just too warn out to give to charity for someone to wear or sell – they good be given to an animal shelter or similar to be used for bedding. Orf given to a local creative group for the material to be used.

There is so much more you can do with your unwanted clothes than just send them to landfill…..